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"Mr. Hall's logic would have us believe that a pedestrian killed by a hit-and-run driver in front of 30 eyewitnesses died from unexplained natural causes.  He would discount all eyewitnesses simply because the victim's body showed no evidence of tire marks.  When faced with the choice of believing Mr. Hall or the eyesight of military aviators, I'll stick with the professionals."

CDR. William S. Donaldson in response to a letter from the Chairman of the NTSB


Cdr. Donaldson's Profile

My first official aircraft crash investigation was of an accidental air to air missile shootdown of a Navy A4 in 1977 - I am a Graduate of crash analysis training from the Naval Post Graduate School - I've had six Technical Articles for pilots published in Approach Magazine. I've got thousands of hours of tactical jet flight time - I've instructed advanced air combat maneuvering, air to air gunnery, towed airborne targets for aircraft and ships, dropped thousands of bombs, flew 89 air to ground combat missions in North Vietnam and Laos, even dueled and won with a North Vietnam Sam Site. I've served as the Fleet Commander's observer for major Fleet exercises - I've run a multiple carrier Fleet Air Exercise as the air operations officer. I am a Graduate of Air traffic controllers school; for two years I ran the carrier air traffic control center on CVN 59 (27 air controllers), and I was the nuclear weapons targeting officer for the Fleet Commander in Southern Europe. For three years, I served as maintenance officer in a jet squadron - I served as JAG investigator for Commander in Chief Atlantic when false charges were leveled against a Navy pilot by FAA personnel. I've participated in confidential operations against terrorist states. For the record AIM has funded me on two occasions. I am not officially attached to the Aviation Sub-Committee in any way - what I discover is shared with them quickly.  My third letter is based on hours of eyewitness conversations, including one who watched a missile all the way to detonation.

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Correspondence in this section was provided for publication by Cdr. Donaldson. Other material was supplied by authors as acknowledged or has appeared in the Press.  I have established links to material in the main body of The Hull Thread to give the reader further background material where appropriate.  

Michael Hull


What May Have Happened to Flight 800    (4/24/97)
The text of a letter to the Wall Street Journal replying to a letter by James Hall "Flight 800: It Wasn't a Missile"

         The Washington Times Sets The Scene  (9/27/97)
The partial text of an article in the Washington Times pointing out that modern jet fuel can not explode without being misted.

         ABC News: A "Bomb" in Every Jumbo Jet   (New: 10/22/97)
A report by Accuracy in Media pointing out the demagoguery of Sam Donaldson and ABC News.

First Letter to the National Transportation Safety Board    (7/14/97)

First Reply From National Transportation Safety Board   (9/11/97)

Second Letter to the National Transportation Safety Board  (9/18/97)

Second Reply From National Transportation Safety Board  (10/29/97)

Third Letter to the National Transportation Safety Board   (11/14/97 - Updated 5/26/98)

          Report on Donaldson Presentation to AIM Conference   (10/18/97)

          Art Bell  11/24/97 and 12/1/98 programs    (Updated: 12/2/98)
There are two programs covered. The first is a partial text of witness Meyer's and witness Goss's comments. Goss is one of the eyewitnesses who witnessed a missile from launch to impact. The second program has witnesses McConnell and Lisle and also information about a missile trail videotaped four days before TWA 800.

          Commentary on the Donaldson File  (Updated: 12/4/97)

          An  Investigation Implodes      (Updated: 12/1/97)
Partial text of an article which appeared in the Washington Weekly which describes why the TWA 800 official investigation had lost credibility.

Text of Letter to FBI on December 3, 1997   (Updated: 12/10/97)
Cdr. Donaldson letter supplying facts to the FBI on jet fuel volatility, suppression of eyewitness testimony, the relationship with the CIA, the blast field and the autopsy evidence.

         WINDS article with Donaldson and Meyer    (Updated: 12/14/97)
This is a partial text of an article in which witnesses allege that the NTSB is covering up evidence of a missile attack.

         The Smoking Gun! - The Flight Data Record     (Updated: 6/23/98)
This is a partial transcript of the Art Bell radio program in which Cdr. Donaldson first describes that the data from the TWA 800 flight data conclusively proves that a missile exploded outside the aircraft. Here you will find a pdf file showing a tabulation of the Flight Data Recorder parameters (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Click for Download) and for those unable to read pdf files I have transcribed the last two seconds of the FDR to aid in its examination. This is one of the most important pieces of evidence in support of the missile explanation for this disaster.

         Cdr. Donaldson's Press Conference on the FDR  (Updated + Comments: 1/11/98)
Cdr Donaldson presented the analysis of the TWA 800 Flight Data Recorder at the Army/Navy Club in Washington, D.C.  You will find a transcription of the last two seconds of the FDR here to assist you in following the key point of this analysis.

         Two Reports on the Baltimore Hearings     (Updated: 1/4/98)
The eyewitnesses were not allowed to speak - why?

        Valley/Springfield Advocate-Fairfield/Westchester Weekly. (Updated: 1/29/98)
An analysis of how the Feds botched the TWA 800 inquiry.

Letter from FBI to House Aviation Subcommittee 1/21/98   (Updated: 2/5/98)
The FBI is not prepared to share all of the information and evidence it has collected - even to Congress?

        Debris Field, Wing Fragmentation, and Letter to NTSB  (Updated with debris field seating chart: 5/23/98)
Another major smoking gun. Here you will find diagrams of the debris field, the fragmentation of the wing and the radar returns of surface targets under the flight path of TWA 800.

Letter from Admiral Thomas Moorer Requesting Congressional Investigation     (Updated: 5/23/98)
Admiral Moorer was the former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  His view is that a missile was involved and he is asking for support to demand a Congressional investigation.

        Excerpts from the Mike Jarmus Show of May 24, 1998    (Updated: 5/25/98)    
More witnesses who saw the missiles and more indications that government agencies altered facts to suit the Center Wing Tank explosion theory.

         Excerpts from the Mike Jarmus Show of February 7, 1999   (Updated: 2/7/99)   
Cmdr. Donaldson discusses information from military contacts regarding Stinger missile computer studies.  Donaldson followed in the footprints of the FBI missile team.  He has made contact with the military authorities that the FBI were working with and he has found that they knew what happened to the airplane almost from the very beginning.  One of the missiles fired at TWA 800 entered the wing root of the left wing, penetrated the #2 main tank and exploded in the tank.