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First e-mail message

Subj: TWA 800

Date: 07/19/96


One evening this winter I was driving along Interstate 95 (Connecticut turnpike) east towards exit 7 ...... I was between exits 4 and 6 when suddenly to the right front side of the car I saw a very white, bright streak, rising and accelerating extremely rapidly from the horizon, and arching across the sky.  My initial reaction was "My God, what the hell is that".   I surmised it might be a "July 4th type of rocket" that someone had fired but I ruled this thought out as it rose too high and was too fast and too big.  This event must have been noticed by other drivers traveling in the same direction as my eyes were instantly drawn to it and it made my heart race a little with the excitement of what I was seeing.  I put the incident down then to being perhaps a meteorite or, a "shooting star", but what puzzled me was that it accelerated up from the horizon.  I watched the papers the following day for reports of a meteorite being observed over the eastern half of the USA but I saw no such reports.  I thought no more about this matter then, though I mentioned it to my daughter ... that night and to my wife .... as a very unusual occurrence in the night time sky. Both of them recollect my telling them of this event.

Reading the observations of several witnesses to the TWA 800 incident in the NY Times I recollected what I had seen from my car.  Some observers report seeing a streak arching across the sky towards TWA 800 and my immediate reaction on reading this was that they were describing the same type of thing as I had observed that night going to Stamford.  I am of the opinion now that what I saw could have been a missile fired upwards from the general direction of Long Island and further that what I saw was in the general direction of the TWA 800 incident a few nights ago.   I suspect that I may have witnessed an earlier failed attempt to bring down a plane on that evening.

........... recollects traveling from Boston to Stamford four times in the winter - Tuesday, November 21 .... . Friday, February 2, ....and on Friday, March 8.   My best guess is that the event that I saw occurred on March 8 with February 2 as the next most likely date. ....

I called the FBI Manhattan office this afternoon with this information and spoke to the duty officer. I also called the 1-888-xxx-xxx number but was told the FBI only wanted information about the night of the plane crash so I decided to send this to you by e-mail.    I hope it is not totally irrelevant but you must be the judge of that.


Second e-mail message

Subj: TWA 800

Date: 07/24/96


Last Sunday (7/21/96) I drove ...... to Stamford ...... and I used the opportunity to carefully look at where I was on I95 when I saw the incident that I reported (before).  I found two sites where the road curves the way I remembered.

Traveling east on 95 there is a sign indicating that the next exit is "Exit 5".  The sign is just before one crosses over the Michael Morano bridge.  My recollection is of first seeing the rising light through the trees to the right front of my car just as I went under this sign.   This caused me to think that someone was launching fireworks or rockets somewhere in that direction just off the highway to the right.  As the object rose I began to think that maybe it had been launched from further away (maybe over Long Island Sound).

There is a second spot on I95 which was also a possible location for my position at the time of this observation and that is a quarter of a mile past Exit 5 where there is a similar sign indicating "Exit 6 - Harvard".  The trees, and curvature of the road, are very similar there also to what I remember.  However, if I were asked to give my best guess as to location, it would be the sign just before the Morano bridge.

I remain of the opinion that what I saw that evening may have been a missile launch and that some investigation should be done to locate other possible witnesses of this event given that I am clear on the possible dates that it occurred.


Third mail message

Federal Bureau of Investigation                                                     REF: TWA 800

26 Federal Plaza 23rd. Floor

New York, NY 10278


I retrieved the following transcript from the Internet link at:


(The text of this document was provided in the letter)



I believe that I witnessed the event discussed in this transcript.

There are .... items below. One that appeared in the 'Paris Match Forum' which can be read at:     It was from this reference that I became aware of the pilots' reports on November 17 1995.   ..... Note in particular the date of November 17, 1995 which describes an event witnessed by Lufthansa and British Airways crews. Then please look at the date (Tuesday, November 21, 1995) that I put in my initial letter to your office which I sent to you the day after the TWA 800 crash. I was struck that these dates are very close and so I asked ..... to check ..... credit card statements for the purchase of .... tickets .... to Stamford. .... found in ... VISA statements that .... purchased a round trip ticket on November 17, 1995 ......  The date that I gave you in my first e-mail to your office of Tuesday, November 21, 1995 is therefore incorrect as this check of .... records conclusively shows that I met ..... on November 17 ..... but not on November 21.    Apparently, the incident that I described in my first correspondence with you is the same incident as witnessed by Lufthansa 405 and British Airways 226 on November 17.

From the Paris Match Forum ( see the posting from Bill Serrahn entitled "Sightings by Aircrews off Long Island" dated April 24, 1997 which reads:

November 17, 1995 22:20 (EST)

Inbound Lufthansa 405 (747) at 25,000 feet inbound, south of Long Island, reports and object flying directly opposite their course about 2-3,000 feet above them. Confirmed by British Airways 226 (747). Directly north of W-105. Large Bright Light in front, no red or green beacons, long green light in rear and left a vapor trail. Reported to FAA, couldn't be confirmed by radar.