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Eyewitness Lisa Perry's Open Letter to NTSB

I saw the missile. I was facing eastward, toward the Hamptons, the ocean on my right, the deck of the house on my left. The deck is about 22 feet about the beach. On a clear day, as you look straight down the beach along the line of the shore, you can see the parking lot at Smith's Point Beach, 12 miles away. There was a plane in the sky ... out from the left, from the North, something was moving North to South over the dunes ... from the direction of the Great South Bay. The object came over the dunes of Fire Island. It was shiny, like a new dime; it looked like a plane without wings. It had no windows... It was as if there was a flame at the back of it, like a Bunsen burner .... It was like a silver bullet ... It was moving much faster than the plane.   The silver object took a left turn, and went up to the plane. The plane stopped for an instant, as something would when it had suffered an impact, not just an explosion. Then it began to fracture - as if you had slammed a frozen candy bar down onto a table. You could see the spaces in between the parts of the plane.  Then a moment later there was another explosion and the plane broke jaggedly in the sky. It was sideways to the way it had been ... there is smoke, fire .. the plane starts to fall apart in the sky ... the nose is continuing to go forward: the left wing is gliding off in its own direction, drifting in an arc gracefully down; the right wing and passenger window are doing the same in their direction out to the right; and the tail with its fireball leaps up and then promptly into the water below.  The sounds were hugh BOOM! - then another BOOM! There was a hugh rumbling rolling in the sky... I told the FBI the nose of the plane had come off; and I told them this before the Navy pulled it out of the water. Mrs Perry was interviewed by the FBI - The two agents were very supportive; I was very comfortable with them .. I got the impression that they themselves thought a missile had hit the plane.  After the (NTSB) hearings I spoke with one of the agents, who told me the FBI had concluded I was too far from the accident to see what I had seen.  (Speaking of the CIA video) It wasn't like that at all.   They said most people turned to the sound and then saw something. I was already looking at the event, before any explosion. Having asked for a copy of her testimony to the FBI she was told to file a FOIA request.  I knew what I was seeing was a plane breaking apart with people in it. It still haunts me how it continued to be in the air not quite flying but not exploded apart. I'm heartbroken for the families of all those people who were on that plane.

Lisa Perry - Dan's Papers, Long Island, May 15, 1998:


Copy of Letter to NTSB with address and phone number deleted.

August 15, 2000

George Black, John Hammerschmidt, C. Carmody, John Goglia, James Hall
National Transportation Safety Board
490 L'Enfant Plaza East
SW Washington, DC 20594

Re: TWA Flight 800, An Open Letter to the NTSB

Dear NTSB Member,

I am writing this open letter to the NTSB Witness Group on behalf of all the other people in America who are sitting by watching how our Country handles it's catastrophes. I am just one of the hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of eyewitnesses who were there that night. We don't need anyone theorizing on the causes of the crash. Those of us who were there remember all too well what we saw in front of our own eyes. TWA 800 was taken from the sky by an assault of missiles. From whom or why, I have no idea. But this foolishness that the plane spontaneously exploded is not kidding anyone. And in case you didn't realize, I wanted you to know.

There are the over 755 statements from eyewitnesses who were there that night that tell the true story. Add to that the fact that many other eyewitnesses are not even interviewed. There is the fact that so many witnesses who had never met or spoken to each other reported seeing the same thing. When I looked at a few of the eyewitness statements I was astonished to see so many other people whom I had never met reported what I had reported.

Yet it was stated that people didn't see the plane before the missiles - which is not true. It was stated that people didn't see physical objects, but rather 'lights' - which is not true. It was reported that there is no physical evidence - which is not true. Then there are the photographs - confiscated and denied. It was reported (initially) that there were no military crafts in the area - which is not true and later admitted. The list goes on and on. Something was happening that night on Eastern Long Island - patrols, exercises, whatever - and something happened. Just tell the truth.

But here you are, the group supposedly representing the Eyewitness testimony, and you have interviewed only 1 - 1! - Eyewitness. You have also, obviously, not read the eyewitness statements objectively. Yet you criticize their value and STILL don't interview the witnesses. And if I hear that you couldn't find the eyewitnesses I'm going to laugh. Just drive to Eastern Long Island, they are everywhere. Or you could have put an ad in the paper. We would have called if we thought you were extending an honest effort at finding the truth.

Yes, it is left out of many newspapers, but don't think people are unaware. Fortunately there are a few true journalists left - James Sanders, Jerry Cimisi, Robert Davey, and others - who are an honor to their profession with courage and journalistic integrity. And there are a few brave editors with the willingness to put themselves on the line. It's a relief to know that some still exist. Then there are the independent investigators working tirelessly to bring the public, which has a right to know, the truth. In fact, I'd say you owe the public, the family members, and most of all the victim's themselves, the truth.

We know what we saw that night four years ago. Our families and friends know what we saw. People we have never met know what we saw. We saw TWA 800 assaulted in the sky by missiles. Even people in other countries know that a missile brought down TWA 800. It is only here, in America, that this lie is being put upon our Nation. Why the truth is not being presently honestly to the public is the real question.

It does not take any great skills at critical thinking and problem solving to realize what is going on. People know they are being handled. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You must not realize that people know. It is your reputation, your analytical skills, and your honesty that is on the line here.

Integrity still matters. Honoring the trust of the Nation still matters. I am not too worried about the lies that will be told at the August NTSB closure meeting. The truth is beyond time limits. This matter will not be closed however much you want it to be.

The truth will remain the same no matter how much time passes. We will never forget what we saw that night. Indeed, the World will never forget. Accidental witnesses, average American citizens though we are, we were there. The only question ultimately is, what will your legacy be?


Lisa Perry

cc: Associated Retired Aviation Professionals
Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization
Dan's Papers
Village Voice
Gannet Papers
Riverview Press
The New York Times
The Daily News


Excerpt of letter to newspaper editors.

August 19, 2000

Dear Editor,

I am attaching a copy of the letter I recently sent to the NTSB members named. It concerns the upcoming NTSB 'closure' hearings. I wanted you to have a copy so you would know that there really are people out there who are involved. Everyday citizens who can barely believe this whole situation has become a part of their lives. You are welcome to print the letter if you wish ..........................

Telling the truth about TWA Flight 800 is obviously an unpopular story for most media. It seems that so many papers now are only willing to print what has been 'approved' for press. Thinking of what that will ultimately mean for our Country is a scary thought. Though there have been a few papers willing to put themselves on the line ......................

The truth behind TWA 800 has not been discussed with our Nation. It is a terrible thing that the press, in general, is not brave enough to question the official story especially when there is so much evidence out there. Clearly, huge questions remain unanswered by the media and the NTSB. It is critical to our Nation that the press be free to explore the truth. It is essential to our Nation that the public be respected enough to be told the truth.

In the long run I think that how this has been handled, or should I say avoided, will ultimately be worse for our Country than anything that would have happened if it had been dealt with dignity.

I just wanted you to know.


Lisa Perry